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Beachy Dreams Cloud Slime

Beachy Dreams Cloud Slime

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Beachy dreams cloud slime

❤️ Slime Cloud Dough Texture Vanilla Scented
❤️ Charms
❤️ Activator Pen Spray FIXES STICKY SLIME 👍 1 per order If you need more activator you can purchase more at my store I offer 1 and 3 pack

Please make sure to wash and dry your hands before touching the slime because it will stick to unwashed hands.

In case if slime arrives too sticky ( more common in hot summer weather) for your liking there Is 1 activator pen spray in your order. Just add few sprays and mix the slime.

If slime is too stiff (more common during winter) please let the slime sit for a few hours to warm up in a room temperature and you can add some hand sanitizer or lotion to soften it up. Enjoy!

Our Slime is made with premium grade fragrance essential oils and food coloring
Our Slime comes in a Non Stick Containers ( Made in USA) with wider opening that makes it easy to get the slime out of it. Make sure to keep the slime in closed container to prevent form drying out. Do not keep in a dark drawers/ cabinets for long period of time.

Subject to availability. Some extras add ons or charms may be removed or substituted at time of order.
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