Slime Care

Please make sure to wash your hands before playing with slime as well as after playing with it. Play with slime over clean table and put it back into the container after you are done to prevent slime from drying out.


My Slime Is Sticky

It can happen especially in a summer hot weather slime may arrive a little melted. However, its an easy fix just mix a borax solution on 1 cup of water and add few drops at the time to the slime while mixing it util you reach your desired texture. Be very careful and do not ass too much  as it will make slime stiff. Also do not but borax powder into slime without mixing it in the water.


My Slime is to stiff

If slime is too stiff its is likely due to cold weather or you possibly added too much activator to it. There are few way to handle it, try adding some lotion, hand sanitizer, hair gel or microwave the slime for few seconds to bring it back to the right temperature ad melt it a little bit. You can also 


Over-activated slime

If you added too much activator to the slime and it became stiff  DO NOT throw it away. For clear, butter, thick texture slimes you can try to soak it in water for few minutes and put it back into the container and leave it for few days or weeks depends on how stiff it is.  Even the most over activated slime will come back to soft stretchy texture but it may take a while


Store slime in room temperature and in well lit place. Do not put it into the drawer or cabinet  for long time because overtime of months it may become moldy.