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Pink Cotton Candy Cloud Slime

Pink Cotton Candy Cloud Slime

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Pink Cotton Candy Cloud Slime

❤️Slime (New non stick container) 7 oz
❤️Heart sprinkles added to the slime
❤️Activator Bottle Just add few drops FIXES STICKY SLIME 👍 1 per order

If you need more activator you can purchase more at my store I offer 1 and 3 pack

Our Slime comes in a Non Stick Containers Slime does not stick to the container and wider opening makes it easy to get the slime out of it.

Please make sure to wash your hands before touching slime because it will stick to unwashed hands. In case if slime arrives too sticky for your liking there Is activator bottle included with your order It will only need few drops. Enjoy!

Please wash your hand before and after playing with slime.

SLIME IS TOO STICKY Due to hot summer weather slime may arrive a little stickier than normally but no worries we include activator. PLEASE read the instructions :)

SLIME IS TOO HARD Due to colder winter weather slime may arrive harder than normal. Let slime sit for 24 hours to adjust to room temperature. DO NOT microwave the slime!. To speed up the process you can put slime in a container under warm water to warm it up faster. Alternatively you can add some hand cream or body lotion to it if its still too hard as it will soften the slime.

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