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Unicorn Cloud Cream Slime Cotton Candy Scented

Unicorn Cloud Cream Slime Cotton Candy Scented

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Unicorn Scented cloud creme textured slime
Order includes:
❤️New Improved Slime Recipe You will LOVE! No fall out no mess :)
❤️Slime: Mix of blue pink and purple could cream slime Cotton Candy Scented
❤️Care Instructions and fix it powder 1 packet per order
❤️NEW Non Stick Container Slime does not stick to the container and wider opening makes it easy to get the slime out of it.

Please make sure to wash your hands before touching slime because it will stick to unwashed hands. In case if slime arrives too sticky for your liking there Is a fix it powder included to be mixed with water and added to the slime. It will only need few drops. Enjoy!

Made with non toxic ingredients. Do not eat the slime.
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